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Toward Slug Juice

November 16, 2016. “In very rough terms, over the past 35 years, the world has consumed around 1 trillion barrels of oil. Over that same period, proved reserves of oil have increased by more than 1 trillion barrels. Put differently, for every barrel of oil… Read More

Creeping Toward The Light at Julius Caesar

March 3, 2015. Described as a “collaboration” between organizer and artist, rather than a straightforward comparison, “Creeping Toward The Light” at Julius Caesar features artist Stevie Hanley alongside one of JC’s directorial personalities, Roland Miller. The small exhibition space, dominated by Hanley’s large, banner-like assemblies,… Read More

All That She Wants

December 1, 2014. Both photography and the exhibition format lend themselves to a critique of frames. Here, a frame being a boundary that determines content – it surrounds, encloses, supports. A frame mediates, determines proximity; that is, establishes the distance between viewers and pictures. I’ve… Read More

Tony Greene at Iceberg Projects

April 24, 2014. Tony Greene’s heavily impasto’ed canvases allude to a kind of formal paradox, at once encasing the idyllic object of same-sex desire (torsos and lips garnered from beefcake magazines) in layers of thorny ornament, while simultaneously flattening the picture plane into a decorative,… Read More